The Giant 2012

CD, ltd. Digi (+1 bonus song) & Double-Vinyl (+2 bonus songs), Napalm Records

The Giant - Cover

The Giant – Cover

  1. Further South
  2. Aeons Elapse
  3. Deliverance (Shouting At The Dead)
  4. Antarctica The Polymorphess
  5. Fathoms Deep Below
  6. The Giant
  7. Time’s Like Molten Lead (limited digipack & Vinyl only)
  8. Evening Star (Vinyl only)

All Songs by Daniel Droste, except “Aeons Elapse” by Christian Hector, Cornelius Althammer & Daniel Droste
All lyrics by Christian Hector, except “The Giant” & “Fathoms Deep Below” by Christian Hoffarth, “Evening Star” by E.A. Poe
Produced and recorded by Jens Siefert at Überwälder Klangdressur
All layouts by Sebastian Jerke